Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor BYU!

My poor BYU lost to the dreaded Utah on saturday! How embarrasing! I really wished they could have beat the Utes so that I wouldnt be dead on monday at school! Oh well better luck next time! Anyway because of the Utes big win my friend Emily(yes shes a Utes fan...disgusting!) decided it would be funny to rub it in my face by doing this:


Bowen Family said...

Courtney, that is what you get for being friends with a Ute fan. That was a sad, sad game. love ya

Colton Cluff said...

Haha thats funny! O ya and I love the blog, after reading it I made one of my own.

Anne Bowen said...

What?!?? You are blogging now! I'm so excited--now I can keep better track of my beautiful granddaughter!